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The Diamond Myth By Natalia Reyes (What has happened to the diamond business -and diamonds marketing- since 1982?)

Diamonds Business since 1980  
“Diamond is the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world.” The Roman naturalist Pliny
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The world’s love of diamonds had its start in India, where diamonds were gathered from the country’s rivers and streams.. The country’s resources yielded limited quantities for an equally limited market: India’s very wealthy classes. Gradually, though, this changed. Indian diamonds found their way, along with other exotic merchandise, to Western Europe (Venice’s medieval markets), but it was in the 1400s when diamonds became fashionable accessories for the royalty.  
Diamonds have a long history as beautiful objects of desire, but ever since the late 1980s, when bad publicity began to plague the diamond industry, guilt has become an increasingly powerful deterrent. Thanks to this event, a new term was born in the world of diamonds: The bloody diamonds, which is a term that will be a depth later.

The modern market of diamond began in the 1866 discovery of diamonds in Kimberley, South Africa. Then in 90´s De Beers, through its mines in South Africa, controlled an estimated 90 percent of the world’s production of rough diamonds. In the 1930s, Epstein explained, De Beers launched a massive American advertising campaign with the help of the New York advertising agency N. W. Ayer. The campaign spawned the “diamonds are forever”.

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The black market for diamonds, he discovered, was especially prevalent in Namaqualand, a region north of Cape Town, South Africa. Miners supplemented their $350-a-month wages by smuggling diamonds from the mines and selling them to bootleggers. A September 1963 “Report on the Congo” detailed the web of smuggling. After political unrest forced European diamond workers out of the region, smuggling surged as production continued.  

 Curious Things ! 

Blood Diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, reflects this growing backlash, dramatizing the diamond industry’s role in Sierra Leone’s recent civil war. the World Diamond Council has been on the alert, hiring a public relations firm to defend the diamond trade and remind consumers that diamonds stand for “exquisite beauty and the timeless qualities of love and devotion.” 

Diamonds are used a lot in movies as a simbolic thing. In Gentlemen prefer blonde with Marilyn Monroe, Moulin rouge with Nicole Kidman, Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and even Titanic!  
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Even with this bad image that the cartels and all the dead in the African continent Diamonds are used in all kind of media has a desired product, royalty ...etc. The marked of diamonds is huge, and probably it will be a market that still exists throughout the years, as they keep saying that diamonds are forever and also the best friends of every woman.

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